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CABAL Online Europe's Return of the Guardians is set to begin tomorrow. Do you have your game face on?

Veteran CABAL Online Europe players anticipating the release of Return of the Guardians can finally take a look at the latest content update. The developers have thoughtfully released the update in six different European languages, so you can play in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Turkish and English. If everything goes as planned, the update will go live tomorrow.

Gamers new to CABAL Online Europe can play this popular MMORPG here. Downloading the game takes a few minutes, compared to some I have played in the past. Make sure to read all the information, news, and updates for the game. The game community is lively and the chatting fun on the forum.

CABAL Online is well designed and it’s easy for new gamers to learn the game interface and other facets of playing the game. It took me about three hours playing free online video games to understand the tricks, traps and puzzles enough to begin having a great time.

The battle/skill system used for this online video game is fast and easy to master, but veteran gamers could find it a little simple. Quests are relatively easy to find and complete and rewards are ample. If you love new adventures in unknown lands? Check out CABAL Online. You can play in a different language and make new friends.


Reading, writing and gaming are all art forms if you have a passion to learn, express yourself and have fun. Being able to make a living while doing your passions is an even greater gift.

Published Feb. 12th 2014

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