Warcraft Could be China’s Biggest Hollywood Import

The Warcraft film maybe reviewing badly with American critics but its popularity in China appears to ignore this altogether.

As of late, World of Warcraft's first feature film, Warcraft has not reviewed well among critics. The movie may have a second chance at box office success, as media outlets are starting to note the frenzy building overseas, especially in China.

Fergus Ryan of China Film Insider describes the massive marketing blitz, the fan response, and the impressive pre-sale ticket numbers that have people thinking this maybe the next top-grossing foreign film since Furious 7. China has promotional ads such as hammer replicas bigger than buses near shopping malls. Other promotions include a steady stream of media events and social media activity to keep fans engaged.

Warcraft actors Daniel Wu and Paula Patton,at a media event in China.

The rate of movie theater growth in China has been startling, writes Tim Allen of The Telegraph. His article also details the special affection residents of China have for the Warcraft franchise. This affection includes unlicensed theme parks, films and the mini-economy of gamers known as gold farming.

When we combine the frantic marketing activity, the special link that many have with WoW, and the sheer numbers of active players in that country, we may see impressive sales overseas for the Warcraft film.


Published Jun. 6th 2016

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