7 Awesome Mount Cosplays to Start Your Week Off Right

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The bond between a video game player and their trusty mount can be a special thing. Whether the collection of pixels that moves you more quickly from one zone to the next becomes something more is up to you and the game designers, and there's nothing that's more of a testament to their impact than including them in your cosplay.

While the majority of us don't have the resources to manage much more than a foam replica, these cosplayers take it to the next level.

Assassin's Creed 3: Connor

Cosplayer: Eyes1138

Conner may not have a lot of buildings to climb in AC3, but the horse combat was a welcome update.

Our assassin is pictured riding into the Battle at Bunker Hill LARP in Italy. Connor looks pretty calm scanning the field for his target Templar John Pitcairn.

Wonder Woman

Cosplayer: Spring-Steel

I hope to see an incredible amount of Wonder Woman cosplay with the new movie coming out, but will any be able to compete with this photo shoot from cosplayer Spring-Steel?

She's got a spear, a shield, the Lasso of Truth and an adorable dapple grey mare. This Wonder Woman doesn't seem to have any use for the Invisible Plane.

This cosplay is a hopeful image for the gaming community. The direction Wonder Woman is headed in should lend to some great games. 


The Witcher: Geralt and Roach

Cosplayer: Drawer513

Geralt and Roach have a special relationship, possibly the best of 2016. Drawer513 has a great shoot that captures the magic, in fact they were the runner up in The Witcher 3 cosplay contest. It takes a really special mare to be a Roach.

If you'd like to learn more about Roach and her development, check out this really informative and 'serious' behind the scenes video:

The Legend of Zelda: Malon, Link and Epona

Cosplayer: The Zelda Project

Malon, Link and Epona come to life in The Zelda Project's Lon Lon Ranch shoot. Epona is a legend among video game mounts, and a favorite part of the games for many. It's great to see her hanging out with the gang before her and Link head out to take on Hyrule.

We all know Link is heading straight for those cuccos.



Cosplayer: Ewenae

It's too hard to get across Skyrim without a mount and this Dovahkiin has the right idea. I wonder what mod she's running for the armor?

It takes a pretty serious monetary commitment for a new player to buy a mount in Skyrim, but it's worth every penny. Some of us even went for Shadowmere right out of the gate, and had a pretty awesome dragon tank for the rest of the game.

Ewenae is a professional cosplayer with a commitment to documenting her process over on her Facebook (linked above). You'll also find the rest of this Skyrim shoot there.

Shadow of the Colossus: Wander and Argo

Cosplayer: Headclouds

Agro really shines in this Shadow of the Colossus cosplay. Headclouds looks like she's ready to take down some colossi and is clearly a skilled rider judging by the rest of the shoot.

Agro is one of the first mounts I ever remember really connecting with in a video game, and it's nice to see him represented so beautifully.


Brave: Merida and Angus

Cosplayer: GreatQueenLina

While Merida might be ready to take on Mor'du, it looks like Angus is ready for a snack.

GreatQueenLina brings us right back to medieval Scotland with this shoot. Duke the horse is a Shire from England, and that's Lina's real hair. If only there was a budget for three bears cubs.

While Merida and Angus aren't well known from their video game, this cosplay is so well done it needed to be included.

Final Fantasy: Chocobo

Cosplayer: Unknown

Cosplaying was a thing even before video games were apparently.

In all seriousness, mounts in video games come in all shapes and sizes. As mounted combat becomes easier to implement and story is given more importance in developing titles, it's easy to predict that we'll have many more interesting cosplays to gawk at in the years to come.

Published Jan. 7th 2017


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