Break Your Mouse With The 4 Best F2P Clicker Games on Steam

Time Clickers

Proton Studio, Inc

Time Clickers is a bit of odd one in some ways. It is definitely the sort of mindless game you would sit back and play on a Sunday afternoon while suffering a major hangover from the night before. This is due to its constant progression, as opposed to other titles that have roadblocks and make idling becomes essential to progress.

Sure there is the typical reset mechanic -- but with each reset, you do gain some pretty impressive heightened DPS when the given bonuses are placed correctly. It is quite an engrossing game that is a lot easier on you than other clicker titles. It gives you regular money boosts too.

If sitting back shooting a neverending supply of cubes is sounds like a good hangover cure, then give this game a shot. You'll be amazed just how much fun shooting squares can be.

Published Apr. 8th 2017

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