10 Cheap DIY Fortnite Costumes for Halloween 2018

Costume: Kitsune-Drift

One of the more recent Fortnite skins to release also happens to be one of the most affordable to buy (or even make). With a red vest jacket, a fox mask, and some dark clothing, you can effortlessly pull off this Kitsune Drift Costume for pretty cheap.

Though you could spend extra time crafting a mask such as cosplayer Gibson -- or shelling out some extra money for hand-made, 3D-printed masks -- you can also find masks from as low as $9.50 on Amazon.

Pair that with fingerless gloves, a long-sleeved dark shirt, and a red jacket to match the skin and you're all set. Essentially, this costume would be perfect for anyone on a tight budget and in need of a unique, yet fairly easy-to-make costume.

Here's what you need from Amazon: 

Image source: Justgibsonnn cosplay 

Published Oct. 3rd 2018

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