League of Legends Ultra Rapid Fire Mode for April Fools

Skill spam, stunlock, crazy games. New temporary mode in League of Legends.

Riot decided to do a whole new game mode available for a week as a separate queue (honestly I hope it stays for fun). In this new mode called Ultra Rapid Fire (URF), they are giving us a 'sneak-peek' of what is coming next season on LoL (no they are not, do not believe them).

Let's see what's in it, shall we?

For starters, they reduced the mana and energy cost of every ability to 0. Zero. Yes, zero, abilities does not cost you a thing now, but zero cost abilities are not that fun if you can't spam them, right? Well you can. They reduced the cooldown on all abilities, items, summoner spells, and basically on everything, by a generous 80%. Then Riot probably realised that the ADC class (or Marksmen as they like to refer to it, ehh) fell a bit short compared to casters, so attack speed bonuses have been doubled for ADCs

Those are the main changes. If it's not enough still, you will also get a new summoner icon if you play the mode. What are you waiting for? Those Ezreal ultimates aren't gonna spam themselves now, are they? 

Here is the official video explaining the changes:

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Published Apr. 1st 2014
  • Red Blue Yellow
    URF mode was insane! I loved how fast the games went. Even if you were losing it didn't last terribly long
  • Crumpet22
    In a game where one game type rules, it's really refreshing to see developers bring out new things like this!

    I too hope it's here to stay!

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