Guilty Gear Xrd player celebrates without actually winning, faces the consequences

Woshige celebrated his victory, without realizing he hadn't actually won. His attempts to come back proved futile.

This weekend just gone, EVO 2015 took place, the popular fighting game event. Featuring games such as Super Smash Bros., Mortal Kombat X, and Street Figher IV among others, EVO has earned it’s place as the most famous fighting game event. Unfortunately, pro Guilty Gear Xrd player Woshige had a bit of a mare.

Playing as Millia, Woshige faced off against Ogawa, playing as Zato-1, in the winner’s bracket semi finals. Woshige took the second round and backed away from the sticks, celebrating his victory. Unfortunately for him, Ogawa actually won the first round so he’d only tied it up at 1-1, with the final round still to play.

Woshige soon realised his mistake and hurriedly sat back down, but not before Ogawa had dealt some serious damage. He was unable to claw his way back and got sent down to the loser’s bracket, placing third overall. Ogawa went on to win the entire event. If Woshige hadn’t been so eager to celebrate his non-victory, that could have been a different story entirely.

Third place isn’t anything to scoff at, however we’re sure Woshige must be kicking himself. No doubt he’s also learned his lesson and won’t make the same mistake twice!

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Published Jul. 19th 2015

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