5 Pieces of League of Legends Lore That Will Change How You See Your Favorite Champions

Riot Games has started releasing in depth lore stories for its champions since the launch of Universe Beta. Prepare to be shocked at some of the things these champions have done.

With the launch of League of Legends Universe Beta, the world of Runeterra has become more detailed. A portal to all the regions and champions who battle on the rift, Universe Beta contains a plethora of lore. The following tidbits are just a small sampling of the stories its vaults contain, but they will forever change how you view some of your favorite champions.

Elise, the Spider Queen

Elise was once a powerful and wealthy mortal in Noxus. Manipulative and cunning, the only thing that matched her thirst for power was her beauty. Marrying her way into a powerful house, she twisted her husband until she was the one wielding the reins. Sick of being the laughing stock of Noxian society, he poisoned Elise. Becoming disfigured, she killed her husband with a knife to his heart.

Vanity running strong, she made a pact with LeBlanc to have her beauty restored, as long as she returned a powerful athame from the Shadow Isles. While there, she was bitten by the Spider God and stabbed by the athame. The magic and venom combined, granting her beauty and immortality, but it came at the price of disfiguring spider legs growing from her back. Making an agreement with the Spider God and LeBlanc, in exchange for sacrifices, Elise would be granted beauty from LeBlanc and she would bring back powerful artifacts from the Shadow Isles.

Elise, Elise the Spider Queen

Veigar, the Tiny Master of Evil

Veigar started off as a normal, yet overly inquisitive, yordle. Sent to prison after being framed, his time in solitary confinement twisted him. His thirst for dark power led him to escape from his captors. Learning from all the dark wizards across the land, Veigar plans to end all conflict by bringing all city-states to their knees before him.  

Veigar, Veigar the Tiny Master of Evil

Singed, the Mad Chemist

Singed came from a long line of Noxian chemists. Extremely gifted, he became the apprentice of Warwick, a master apothecary. He quickly absorbed all there was to learn. Death and destruction followed his creations as his lack of morality lead him to unleash his concoctions on friend and foe alike. Called in when retreat was impossible, he decimated Riven's regiment with his toxic gas even though they were allies.

Taking his twisted experiments further, Singed captured a cutthroat from off the street. Performing surgery and chemical experimentation on him. Looking to create a chimera bent on killing, he subjected the man to a transmutation, causing his bones to break and his hand to fall off. The man ended up dying then coming back  to life, Singed had created a monster.

Singed, Singed the Mad Chemist

Twitch, the Plague Rat

Twitch first came to light when he attacked a lab looking to create baby formula from toxic sludge. Enraged that people were taking his "juice", he ruthlessly charged at the attendants, laughing maniacally. Equipped with a chem-crossbow and tossing toxic chemicals, he caused the destruction of the lab. Only two of the scientists survived. One blinded by Twitch, the other missing her tongue and jaw. Now he plans to end all of humanity, whether killing them with his crossbow or melting them with sludge.

Twitch, Twitch the Plague Rat

Brand, the Burning Vengeance

Brand is an ancient entity, old and malevolent. Trapped as a towering flame encased in ice, frozen in an attempt to stop its fiery rage. The man who released him, Kegan Rodhe, was not a good man either. A seafaring marauder, he traveled far and wide stealing treasures wherever he found them. Taken over by Brand he made his way to Valoria to exact his plan of burning all humans and yordles and the world they loved.

Brand, Brand the Burning Vengeance


These are just some of the secrets hidden in the lore of League of Legends. Check out Universe Beta for more stories and champion backgrounds. Who is your favorite champion? Do they have a dark past? Let us know in the comments!


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Published Apr. 11th 2017

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