Rumor: Tekken 7 to Be Available on Xbox One and PC?

Tekken 7 may be coming to Xbox One and PC, as a tweet claims to have received the info from a Bandai Namco rep.

While Tekken 7 is confirmed to launch on PlayStation 4, it appears that Xbox One and PC users may be able to get in on the battles as well. As reported by WCCF Tech, Twitter user claims to have heard from a Bandai Namco representative at this past weekend's MCM London Comic Con. The results look promising for the Microsoft-compatible platforms landing editions of the game.

There has been no official announcement on additional Tekken availability beyond the aforementioned PlayStation 4 game, which currently has no release date.

The game will launch on PS4 as Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, an updated version of last year's Japanese arcade release. Destructoid reported in December that Fated Retribution will feature new attires, items, and stages. It will also contain new characters, including Akuma from Street Fighter and Nina Williams.

Are you an Xbox One or PC user who badly wants your Tekken fix? Speculate away in the comments!


Published May. 31st 2016

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