Nitronic Rush: Ready? Set? SURVIVE!

Rev up your engines for endless hours of fun!!

As far as driving games and the sort, I rarely play them and don't know a lot about them. But recently a friend of mine showed me a game called Nitronic Rush, which caught my interest. The game is bright and colorful and it lures you in.  

The purpose of the game is a world which is constantly changing because it is out to get you.  The game has various modes, which forces you to adapt as the rules of the game mode you pick are different and require you to do different things.

One thing that I noticed that is different is that there is a story mode in the game which adds a twist. Another thing is that it isn’t under the racing genre but experimental survival game--if more of these experimental survival games surface I just might be able to get into them. The game was created by students at Digipen and has a wicked soundtrack. The soundtrack and game are free to download. You can download the game here and the soundtrack here

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Rev up your engines for endless hours of fun!!


Published May. 16th 2013
  • GameSkinny Staff
    If anyone is interested the guys who made this are working on a Kickstarter "successor" called Distance, which looks pretty dope.
  • MysticBread
    Yea it seems to have more fun stuff to do it in lol

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