Respawn Entertainment Announces Titanfall Release Date and Collector's Edition

Respawn Entertainment announces the release date for their upcoming game Titanfall!

It looks like the folks over at Respawn Entertainment have been busy getting ready to bring us new stuff. And we love new stuff! For those who may not know, the team teased on their official twitter account that an announcement was going to be made today. What it could be was anybody's guess.

Well, the day has finally arrived and the team has officially announced their exciting news!

It has now been confirmed that Titanfall will be releasing March 11th, 2014 for North America and March 13th for Europe! The team also announced that there will be a collectors edition for a whopping $249.99, which includes an 18" electronic Titan statue and a 190-page book of concept art.

Here is the official announcement made on the Titanfall twitter account:

Vince Zampella, the Co-Founder of Respawn also had this to say:

“The feedback we’re getting from fans around the world is fueling our team as we head towards March and motivating us to deliver an experience that lives up to the hype.”

While this news is not the much-anticipated beta news that a lot of us were hoping for, this is still excellent news, since it means that the game will be releasing sooner rather than later.

Are you excited for Titanfall?

Published Oct. 22nd 2013

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