Destiny to Fix Heavy Ammo Bug "Soon"

Destiny has a weird definition for soon, and it involves squashing bugs.

Bungie is going on record as saying that they're planning to fix this latest heavy ammo bug "soon." I think Bungie has a different definition of that word than the rest of us, though. They posted about the fact that they were currently working on a fix for this bug. This is a bug that affects pretty much any gamer playing Destiny, and basically makes you lose ammo for your heavy weapon. Right now you're going to experience that ammo loss inside of PvE when you return to orbit, get killed, or even go through those dreaded cutscenes.

Bungie says they're hoping to roll out the fix that they're working on before February ends. They say that this particular bug is rather complicated, hence the long time frame.

Look, if bugs take a long time, that's one thing. Saying they're soon when they're not, though...come on. Bungie, you and I obviously have different meanings of the word soon. Who knows, maybe in super-complex programming land, soon really is a month or 2 and long 30 years?

The sandbox engineer for Bungie, Jon Cable, said that he couldn't overstate just how complex the systems are. He has a change coming that will fix the main problem and reduce the potential for a newer issue to show up. Apparently it has already taken him numerous attempts to find something that wouldn't cause other issues. Complex, indeed.

Did I mention I'm glad I'm not a programmer that has to deal with all of these issues and the hatred of eager gamers? Now, coming up with hatred as an eager gamer...that I'm always glad to do!

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Published Feb. 1st 2015
  • Venisia Gonzalez
    Featured Columnist
    They're quick to fix anything gamers do to benefit themselves during raids or farming, but the heavy ammo "bug" that's been present since launch is "soon." Yeah okay Bungie nice try lol.

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