GTA V Coming to PC: Rockstar Confirms PC Edition & Release Timing

Rockstar will be releasing a PC version of GTA V!

A few weeks ago, during the Grand Theft Auto 5 release, I wrote an article detailing how Rockstar was excluding a huge market by not releasing a PC version on the same date as consoles. There was also a petition to get GTA 5 on the platform, which at the time of this writing has now gotten over half a million signatures and is still growing. Gamers want, and are willing, to purchase a PC edition if Rockstar would just get with the times and realize the PC crowd is still strong.

Well, according to Eurogamer, our prayers have been answered:

Rockstar will be releasing a PC version of GTA 5 sometime in the first quarter of 2014.

This is in contrast to previous comments made by Rockstar representatives when asked about a PC release back in July:

"We don't have anything to share about the possibility of a next-gen or a PC platform release at this time and we are completely focused on delivering the best possible experience for the consoles people have right now."

While we still have to wait several months, it seems as though the petitions and emails have at least sped up the process of development for the PC version. All I can say is that I, as a PC gamer, am very happy. GTA 5 has become one for the history books as it continues to shatter records and looks to be one of the defining games of this decade; and all of us PC gamers will be able to play it on our system of choice due, in a small part, to our dedication. Bravo everyone. Bravo.

Are you excited about the PC version of GTA V or is it too late for Rockstar?

Update: 5/14/14

Since writing this article 7 months ago, I am sad to report that this confirmation is now false. Unfortunately, representatives from both Rockstar and Nvidia have kept silent and obviously did not stick to any possible first quarter deadlines that were reported and accurate at the time of writing the original article last year. We are still waiting for the PC version and no further information has been released.

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Published May. 15th 2014
  • HAMEED_9553
    i hate Rockstar because it is very baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad
  • Fanboy_5537
    Officially announced! Time to preorder! :)
  • Reeve_5483
    For me it's too late because my friends have bought it as they have ps3 and xbox. I want to I want the actual date plzzzzzzz tell me . And if I download the pirated version there won't be any cheat codes
  • Tommy P_6664
    You doofus. That isn't even close to a confirmation! This article is trash... get a new hobby.
  • Corey Kirk
    Featured Columnist
    at the time of this writing 7 months ago, all information was accurate. :)
  • Muhammad Asim_1177
    hello! Please release the PC version of GTA V I've been waiting for a long to play on my pc...........
  • junkvo
    fuck r*, i am going for watch dogs
  • Pete_9518
    Omg. Thats ok mates, go out with your friends, you dont need to be sad about that ;)
  • Doug_7970
    They waited so long, that I don't even want this shit anymore as it's outdated now. There are better PC games now, such as ARMA 3. Rockstar can go to hell. I won't be buying from them anymore.
  • Scott Bailey_4915
    Rockstar Games are very smart about the delay in the PC version of the GTA V and have allowed time for a large console based FAN Community to evolve! Missions aside the open world play on-line with friends is so much fun and the many You Tube videos are testiment to this! I for one hope the on-line server can allow XBOX360 users, PS3 users and PC users to ALL Play as ONE on the same servers would be so GREAT! Thanks Rockstar Games for Finally bringing GTA V to PC, I can't wait! Cheers All, see you ALL on-line! :) Scott QLD, Australia
  • Helps Here_5198
    Get GTA V for PC NOW! Don't miss out, it's FREE!
  • skelete_7401
    I hope that when they release it, they wont bitch about pc sales like gta 4 , because most of ppl have both pc and console(i dont) and honestly i dont see why would they buy the game again, because they will get bored of it on console until pc version arrives....just saying.But i'm looking forward to its pc release
  • Fry_5814
    OhhMyGawwd, I'm so excited!
  • DrejcC
    sign the petition for GTA 5
  • Alex_1979
    Im waiting for GTA 5 for pc !!
  • Adrian_7356
    They will release the PC version and after a half year / a year is coming GTA VI, i bet
  • Shreyam Deb
    if its real then i m vryyy hpyyy... otherwise i can say that the xbox gamers r just afraid of pc gamers....
  • Nekochan_4806
    They are never going to release a PC version. 1st quarter has come and gone and still no game with not even a whisper from R* about it.
  • khawk
    Just release it trough steam with some form of drm so less pirate stuff is going to happen and due to steam its easy to detect modded gta online versions problem solved now release gta 5 on pc already...
  • Büfi
    "but $500 on a console + what $500 on a crappy PC? Why not $1000 on a good PC"

    mostly because MANY very exciting games can play well on a $200(!) PC as well (like FTL and others), as per for the others, like GTA - I spent about $200 on an X360 and $39.99 on the game and I'd already played it through when you posted your comment. Meanwhile you spent $1000 on your PC but you have not played with GTA 5 yet because it has simply not been released for your powerful and magnificent power plant yet :)

    I mostly use a PC for gaming, however i DO have consoles. Just because now games mostly tend to be released for them, and increasingly without a PC conversion. It is not because PC sucks or anything like that, only because the diversity of PCs. Consoles have uniform hardware specs, and it is way easier to develop/optimize for them.

    That's the same for mobile platforms. EVERYTHING is faster/better/smoother on iOS than on any rival mobile OS. Because mostly all iOS devices have the same hardware and can run anything with the same performance as in the dev lab.
  • michael_9868
    well i am a gamer and i am hoping they make a semi truck mod so u can deliver loads and get paid if u have a ps3 message me gethigh95
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