Kickstarter Games: Check Out Kingdom Espionage

Looking for a great gaming Kickstarter? Check out this ambitious multiplayer medieval fantasy; Kingdom Espionage.

Finding a good Kickstarter project to back can be difficult. With a sea of projects that demand attention, some of the good ones can fall through the cracks. With that in mind, here is a great Kickstarter campaign that just got started this week for a fascinating game called Kingdom Espionage

Kingdom Espionage is a multiplayer, medieval fantasy game that "combines strategy, action, adventure and RPG elements with the deep plotline of a massive single-player campaign." It's the first Kickstarter from a Waterloo, IA developer DreamHatch Studios. The game is, according to the developers, almost complete, with most of the functionality present and the Kickstarter goal set at $50,000.  

While at first glance, Kingdom Espionage might resemble tower defense games like Orcs Must Die and Might Quest, the game stands out with a variety of other elements. It adds multi-player and co-op functionality, as well as the intensity of a single-player campaign. 

Here I am about to use the water bucket to temporarily quench the burning coal trap.

Probably one of the more fascinating elements of Kingdom Espionage is the co-op. In Kingdom, you can attack castles together with other players, complete with complementary spells and gadgets and a variety of strategies. However, the game promises to have some backstabbing good times, as that same co-op partner can then choose to attack you if you lose too many units in the battle. 

So why Kingdom Espionage? Well, a great reason would probably be the baby dragons: 

Concept art for baby dragonThey're pretty much the cutest, and available with some of the higher Kickstarter tiers. Right now, you can get the Kingdom Espionage game for $15, or two copies for $25, which is a pretty sweet deal for a game that looks like it's already packed with features. The Kingdom Espionage Kickstarter is ongoing, so feel free to check out their Kickstarter page and see what they're all about. 

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Published Dec. 7th 2013

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