Star Crusade: War for the Expanse Cruises Its Way To iOS and PC

Star Crusade offers players old and new an immersive online CCG experience.

ZiMAD announced on September 9 that its free-to-play online CCG (collectible card game), Star Crusade: The Expanse, was available on Steam and iOS systems, and is expected to be in the Google Play store soon. 

Star Crusade: The Expanse puts players in charge of six factions, all of which are fighting for control of the galaxy. They will also have the option to play cross platform as well against, giving people the option to play the same game file from any device. Star Crusade will offer over 400 playable cards, customizable battles, and multiple play modes such as single player, online ranked matches, and random raid battles. 

Star Crusade forces players to meticulously craft their decks, giving them the option to vary sizes from 25 to 40 cards. Deck size does come with its caveats, as starting health is determined by the amounts of cards a player has. Smaller decks have a faster turnaround, but larger ones will afford their owner survivability.

If that was not enough, the game also offers a secondary game called "modules", which allows players to further customize their abilities before battle and an "energy" resource to give cards additional power. Star Crusade is welcoming to newcomers while simultaneously pandering to the veteran CCG crowd, offering limitless amounts of strategy and fast-paced combat. Tournaments and various game events will also be available. 

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Published Sep. 12th 2016

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