AMD Introduces Beta Testing Initiative for Radeon Graphics Drivers

Beta testers will have early access to new drivers to provide feedback to AMD.

Tech company AMD is introducing a new program to their Radeon graphics software: community beta testing. AMD is aiming for bi-monthly driver releases, as well as immediate releases alongside popular games in order to keep their graphics software constantly fresh and updated. In order to achieve this, they are granting their community of beta testers early access to drivers before releasing them to the public. Input from beta testers will bring improvements to the drivers by identifying problems that developers may have missed.

 AMD also detailed GPUOpen, through which they support game and game engine developers via an open source environment where developers can work together and improve software. They are also working on a feature called WattMan, which allows you to adjust every state of your GPU so you can change “what happens when your system goes to sleep or when you’re watching a YouTube video.”

You can apply to be a beta tester on Radeon’s website.


Published Jul. 5th 2016

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