Civilization 6: Guide To Winning With America

Want to cruise towards a Cultural victory in Civilization 6? Teddy Roosevelt is here to see America outshine all other nations on the Tourism front!

At launch, Civilization VI features a whopping 19 different civilizations to choose from, and each has strengths and weaknesses lending themselves to varying victory conditions. Want to win with America? Here's what you need to know! 

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Changes From Previous Games

Last time around, America got a bonus to military unit sight and a discount when purchasing tiles. Not so in Civilization VI, as a very useful new ability replaces those bonuses.

Instead we've got Founding Fathers, which results in government legacy bonuses being gained in 50% of the normal time. These bonuses can be incredibly helpful, from unit experience with an Oligarchy to increasing production with Communism.

In Civilization 5, America excelled at a Domination victory, but now things take a strong Cultural slant, as you'll see below.

 Ready to make Washington the center of the world?

America's Leader

Leading the charge is Teddy Roosevelt, who has the Roosevelt Corollary ability, which offers a ton of bonuses.  

First up is a bonus to combat strength to units fighting on their home continent, which obviously is a much bigger boon on a Pangaea map (check out our breakdown of all map types here).

Next, you get + 1 Appeal for all tiles in a city containing a National Park, which will help out big with Tourism. Finally, Roosevelt grants a powerful unique combat unit detailed below.

Unique America Buildings / Units

The Rough Riders are granted by Roosevelt and become available after researching the Rifling skill in the Industrial Era. They grant extra Culture with every kill, and deal extra damage on hills, making them useful for a Cultural or Domination victory.

Considering the high movement rate and low Gold maintenance cost, Rough Riders can be a better option than more technologically advanced military units.

 Rough Riders

On the aerial front, the P-51 Mustang replaces the Fighter aircraft and gets a bonus against those units, making it useful for destroying enemy air units.

Finally, the Film Studio replaces the Broadcast Center and is the building you absolutely want if you are going for a Cultural victory, giving you bonus Culture, Citizens, and Great Artist points every turn, in addition to giving a huge influx of tourists.

America Victory Conditions

It should be obvious there's a clear slant towards a Cultural victory between the late-game Film Studio and the special abilities of the Rough Riders. The Appeal granted from Roosevelt's Corollary also leans you towards a Cultural victory.

Don't discount Domination as a viable substitute though, especially if you pick a government that provides a military legacy bonus increased through the Founding Fathers ability.

That's all you need to know to get started building an empire with America! What strategy did you use and which victory condition have you found to be easiest so far?

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Published Dec. 19th 2019

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