Data miner discovers possible DLC for Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker... The Angry Sun? DLC? Who knows?

Coming after the Super Mario Maker scene, the Splatoon data miner NWPlayer123 has found some files buried deep in Super Mario Maker that suggest DLC will be arriving in the future.

Of course, this is all just speculation. The files found within the game could also very well be unused content that was left there when the idea was decided to be no good. However, the opposite is also possible. Could there be DLC arriving soon?

After all, we don't even have checkpoints, and since we're able to change the length of levels, it'd only be fair to be able to start at a fixed location after going so far in the (insanely designed) levels. Either way, the interests of many players have been piqued, as the possibilities become even larger. The millions of levels already available on the game prove to be very creative. And having the Angry Sun, the file found within the game that gave rise to the topic, will definitely open up many more possibilities.


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Published Sep. 24th 2015

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