Greatness Truly Does Await in Sony's Bid For Greatness... But So Do Scandals

Cool swag in the Bid For Greatness auction. Scandals begin.

Sony has finally released several items in its Bid For Greatness line. Bid For Greatness is an auction using your gaming trophies as currency. Sony has confirmed that you will not lose these trophies if you win. The first item, the Black Hand outfit from Killzone: Shadow Fall, has already been sold.

There are several items straight from the Greatness Awaits trailer in the auction. There's an Assassin's Creed IV outfit, a Diablo 3 Witch Doctor outfit and accessories, and Skyrim accessories. I think this will give people more incentive to go replay games for the trophies. Especially cosplayers who want to save a little money on their next costume.

For this set of items trophy hoarders will have the advantage, as they've been collecting trophies even before it had a purpose. Don't let this discourage you though. Go earn your trophies and get your cool swag.

Already a scandal

Doing a little digging into the first auction, it seems there is already a scandal involved. There is reportedly a way to cheat on trophies by unlocking trophies for games you have never played. Apparently, the first auction winner is being accused of this, since according to his profile he jumped from around 6k trophies to 14k trophies all at once. Going up a couple hundred due to being offline for a few months is reasonable, but close to a 7k increase? I found out from

Morgan Haro, Community Manager of PlayStation Digital Platforms, has tweeted that he will "look in to this with the teams and we'll examine."

Hopefully this will be sorted out and the auctions be made fair for people who legitimately earn trophies.

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Published Sep. 1st 2017
  • Tony Monster
    this saddens me, to the point of i don't want to earn trophies.... i'm not sure why =\
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    You will earn trophies and like it! If you want... >.>

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