Wild Hearts March Content Update Lands

The first content update for Wild Hearts is here, bringing with it Deeply Volatile Kemono.

March 10 is bring us loads of new content for Wild Hearts. Teased earlier on the official Wild Hearts twitter account, the update is now available. Featuring new items, a new quest and a ton of fixes, the update is one of the planned monthly content drops for the game. 

Deeply Volatile Kemono

End game hunts, the Deeply Volatile Kemono are the toughest enemies in Wild Hearts to date.  Taking down these Kemono will reward you with the rarest talismans. Collect Keystones from Volatile Kemono to challenge one of these Deeply Volatile hunts. 

Deeply Volatile Kemono - Ruins

A new quest revolving around the Deeply Volatile Kemono is waiting for you from Yoshichi. You must complete all the main story quests first before this will trigger. Once triggered you can review the quest details under the new Side Stories category. 

Hellfire Laharback

Introducing the new Deeply Volatile Kemono, the Hellfire Laharback. The first of the Deeply Volatile Kemonos released, this flaming gorilla has made its home in the Natsukodachi Isle. When defeated you will earn the "Fire Fiend Appeaser" title. 

Infernal Blow

The Hellfire Laharback has a chance to drop a new talisman with a new skill: Infernal Blow. This skill increases the chance of setting targets ablaze. Once on fire, the target will take increased damage.

That is not all the planned content for March. Coming March 23 is another Kemono, Grimstalker, along with a new quest. More details will come once revealed. You can check out the full March 10 patch notes here

Come back March 23 for the update notes on Grimstalker, and follow our Wild Hearts game hub for future game news, guides and more! 

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Published Mar. 10th 2023

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