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Retrogamers Shaft and Lunalae introduce you to all the reasons why they loved this brilliant & innovative platform game.

Super Mario 64 was the first 3D adventure scroller released for the 64-bit Nintendo 64. It was ground-breaking in many ways, deviating from the side-scroller mechanics of its predecessors, and incorporating more top-down elements from games like Zelda. The result is a rich environment filled with textured polygons, with much more of the enjoyable environment interaction that Mario has always been known for.

Many titles since this release, including most games within the Mario franchise and many outside as well, have borrowed or downright stolen aspects of this work. It is arguably the most ground-breaking single release of all time, graduating from its 16-bit predecessor Super Mario World in many necessary ways (most notably, the groundbreaking, if frustrating, camera system) if it was to thrive in the 64-Bit Era.

In this brief introduction, Shaft and Lunalae introduce themselves, and discuss a bit of the history behind the Mario franchise.

Episode One
Shaft runs through the first three levels of the Bob-omb stage. Missions include: King Bob-omb, Foot Race with Koopa the Quick, and Collect 8 Red Coins

Episode Two (To be released tomorrow, January 25, 2014)
In this episode, Shaft and Lunalae alternate turns going through the Slippin' Slide, Whomp's Castle, and the Sunken Ship.

Published Jan. 28th 2014

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