Battlefield Hardline Trailer Gets Leaked... Then Goes Official

Oh look. Another EA leak.

I can't help but laugh at this. Electronic Art's E3 trailer for the newest addition to the Battlefield series, Battlefield Hardline, got leaked onto the interwebs just days before the expo. Pretty funny stuff. I bet there was all kinds of plans to hype up the game and the platform(s) it's going to be on. 

Of course, instead of just trying to sweep it under the rug, EA went ahead and made the announcement for the game. The official (teaser) site went live as well. Good going EA! Way to cover your ass. 

Visceral Games brings its critically-acclaimed storytelling swagger to an all new cops and criminal fantasy inspired by some of the most popular TV crime dramas.

The game looks to be set in Los Angeles, and revolves around the police force, and guns, and explosions, and maybe a gang or two. Who knows. Expect details on Battlefield Hardline at E3 next week. Not much else is known about the game so far, but with such a close release date, October 21st, details will probably be freely given. 

No platforms have been announced for the game either. Though my prediction is strictly PS4 and Xbox One, as support for last-gen consoles is dwindling by some major publishers. The rumor is that this was supposed to be saved for Sony's press conference, but we'll have to wait and see. 

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Published Sep. 1st 2017

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