More PlayStation 5 Specs, PS5 Logo Shown at CES 2020

Sony talked PS5 specs and capabilities at CES 2020. Here's what we know.

The consumer technology show CES 2020 is well underway, offering us a glimpse at the exciting new technology coming our way this year. That includes further PlayStation 5 specs info, as well as another holiday 2020 release date confirmation.

The PlayStation 5 logo was also revealed, which is, well... basically the PlayStation 4 logo, but with a "5" instead. Not super exciting, admittedly, but what's under the PS5's hood is of much greater interest.

Granted, some of tech info released by Sony at CES 2020 is just a rehash of what we already knew. The PlayStation 5 boasts an ultra-high-speed Solid State Drive that drastically reduces load times, first shown off in a private event last year. Ray tracing technology, also confirmed during that event, was confirmed again as hardware-based, which gives a more reliable and immersive effect over software-based ray tracing.

The Xbox Series X might have shown off movie-like games such as Hellblade back at The Game Awards, but it seems the PlayStation 5 won't be too far behind in that regard. And that's even considering what we saw from the next-gen Xbox console was in-engine. 

The PlayStation 5 will also offer 3D audio sound, which is particularly interesting. It's been around for a donkey's age, and games like Uncharted 4 used it to some extent. However, most games outside of VR still don't really make much use of it.

That 3D audio is billed as a console feature suggests Sony's making it easier for developers to implement as a standard feature from here on, allowing gamers with 3D-capable headsets like the Mobius greater range of use.

Haptics and adaptive controls were re-confirmed for the PS5 as well, which makes us all the more excited about what we can expect from the DualShock 5 when it's finally revealed.

Finally was the confirmation that the PlayStation 5 will support Ultra HD Blu-Ray. Ultra HD Blu-Ray handles data transfers of much larger quantity than standard Blu-Ray and makes hitting and maintaining 4K 60fps a lot easier — something even the PlayStation 4 Pro can't always do.

Equally important is how the PS5 is compatible with standard Blu-Ray, which fits with Sony's promise of backward compatibility to one extent or another.

We haven't actually seen the PlayStation 5 yet — just the rather silly-looking pizza warmer/dev kit version. However, CES 2020 shows Sony is obviously making the PlayStation 5 a big part of its plans for all of 2020, so we can expect much more in the months to come.

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Published Jan. 7th 2020

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