Original Xbox Controller “The Duke” Returns this March

The notoriously oversized controller has been resurrected for Xbox One and PC.

To everyone’s surprise, Microsoft’s infamously clunky controller is making a comeback. “The Duke” will be returning to cramp up your hands this spring, courtesy of Seamus Blackley, the man often cited as the father of the original Xbox.

The re-creation is nearly identical to the original pad in terms of size, shape, and button placement, with a few adjustments and added features. The memory card slots have been removed, a USB cable is now present, and two small bumper buttons have been added to ensure full compatibility with Xbox One, 360, and PC games.

Arguably the most interesting addition to the controller is the OLED screen under the “jewel” which, when pressed, plays the Xbox startup animation. According to Blackley, it’s a feature he wanted to implement in the pad from the start, creating his own prototype before selling the idea to Microsoft.

What are your thoughts on "The Duke?" Will you be picking one up this March? Let us know in the comments below.

Published Jan. 14th 2018

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