The Banner Saga 2 out for release later this month

The banner Saga 2 coming for all gamers on April 19th!

Finally, the sequel to the critically acclaimed The Banner Saga is coming to gamers later on in April 2016. Stoic and Versus Evil has announced that The Banner Saga 2 will be coming soon with a pre-release teaser trailer.

In The Banner Saga, players had to make choices that directly effected the story line on and off the battlefield. Playing as either the ancient Varyl or humans, players must battle their way though treacherous winter lands and battle against an enemy that has no need for sleep or food. The full skinny on The Banner Saga can be found right here on GameSkinny.

The Banner Saga 2 will pick up where The Banner Saga left off. This time around, players will have new playable character options, as well as new enemies. There will also be a new specialization tree for renown points. Lastly, the combat system has been improved. Players now have a more streamlined experience between battle and consequences for your choices.

So if being a Viking and battling monsters is your thing, The Banner Saga 2 comes out for full release on April 19th. Currently only available on PC, players can pre-order The Banner Saga 2 now on Steam and save 10%.


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Published Apr. 6th 2016

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