New Soulstice Gameplay Trailer Harnesses the Power of Two Souls

The dark, foreboding land of Ilden is full of monstrous creatures, but Briar and Lute are ready to take them on.

In case you missed it (we did), Soulstice is a new hack and slash action game coming to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S sometime in 2022. It was revealed earlier this year at E3, but developers Reply Game Studios have shared a new trailer that looks a bit like NieR meets Code Vein with a bit of Bloodstained platforming thrown in for good measure. 

The announcement trailer showed off quite a bit of combat while alluding to the familial bond shared between protagonists Briar and Lute, but this new trailer goes deeper into their bond and gives a few looks at some of the other enemies players can expect to face in Soulstice

Unlike the first trailer, which focused on showing the game's 3D combat and traversal, it's clear that Soulstice will have at least two perspectives with some 2.5D platforming sections scattered throughout.

You can watch the age-restricted video over on YouTube by clicking the "watch on YouTube" link below. 

As you might already suspect, Soulstice will also have RPG elements, including the ability to find new weapons and upgrade them to more powerful versions. Perhaps most interesting is that the developers say weapons "can be switched in the middle of a combo to deal greater damage to opponents." 

You can signup for a mailing list of sorts that provides access to an extended gameplay video, exclusive content, and news over on the official Soulstice website. Stay tuned for more on this promising action RPG as we learn it.

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Published Aug. 30th 2021

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