Pikachu is on Park Place in Monopoly: Pokemon Johto Edition

Bankrupt your opponents on the way to becoming the very best in Monopoly: Pokemon Johto Edition.

If you're a Pokemon fan, here's your chance to catch 'em all as you monopolize the Johto Region. Hasbro recently released Monopoly: Pokemon Johto Edition just in time for you to play with family and friends over the holidays. As a Pokemon trainer, it's your duty to collect Gym Leader Pokemon and create the very best team to win the game. It's the Monopoly we all love with a Pokemon spin. 

The rules of the classic Monopoly still apply with a few, key differences: 

  • Property types include Pokemon, Poke Balls and Raikou & Suicune 
  • Instead of houses and hotels, you can build Poke Marts and Pokemon Centers when you own all the Pokemon in a color group
  • Professor Elm cards have replaced Community Chest cards, and Trainer Battle Cards have replaced Chance cards 
  • Poke, Great, Ultra and Master Balls have replaced the traditional railroad spaces
  • We all know that Monopoly can go on for days, so take advantage of the Speed Play guidelines for a quick 60 - 90 minute game. 

The game is suitable for 2 - 6 players ages 8 and up and available for purchase on Amazon. If you want to conquer a different region, be sure to check out the Kanto Edition with more of your favorite Pokemon. 


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Published Dec. 19th 2016

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