Telarans, Prepare for the Autumn Harvest

Harvest Festival is coming to RIFT.

As fall is wafting through the air outside our homes, MMOs are preparing to release their own version of the first fall holiday. In RIFT, the Autumn Harvest is coming on October 17th, 2013. Trion Worlds has lots in store for its players during the Autumn Harvest to come.

Costume Contest

RIFT will be having a "Dress the Night Away" costume contest this harvest festival. Players can take costume parts they have purchased in the RIFT store and create a custom costume to enter into the contest. They can be dyed to create any look. Costume submissions to RIFTScene will open October 21st and end November 4th. The prizes are as follows:

First Place:

  • 15,000 RIFT store credits,
  • all the Halloween masks,
  • a Reaper mount, and
  • their costume sold as bundle in the RIFT store.

Second Place:

  • 10,000 RIFT store credits,
  • all the Halloween masks, and
  • a Reaper mount.

Third Place:

  • 5,000 RIFT store credits.

Top 10 Finalists:

  • the title "The Fashionable."
Other Aspects and Rewards of Autumn Harvest

Outside of the costume contest, there will be spectral rewards. These reward tokens can be used to buy the Spectral mounts and other rare Harvest items. The RIFT store will also be stocked with limited-edition Autumn Harvest items such as grab bags and costume pieces, plus more.

Join us for harvest time, fellow Telarans. Will you join the costume contest?

Published Oct. 9th 2013

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