6 (More) YouTube Video Game Entertainers That Are More Than Just Reviewers


Lucahjin is like a cool older sister who lets you watch her play video games. That's honestly how she describes herself. A quick glance at her channel description reads:

Welcome! Think of me as your weird, older sister that's reliving all the games she missed out on in her life! Help me play through a million games for the first time, using your direction to finish them! Let's hang out and play games!

She is the first let's-player to make it into one of these lists, and she deserves it. She's the kind of content creator you can enjoy even if you don't know that much about video games -- that is her intended draw, after all.

Lucahjin has been gaming for most of her life, but she missed out on a lot of classic games, and that's where her let's-plays come in. Many of her let's-plays are done completely blind of any in-game content or events, and are recommended to her by fans based on what they think she'd enjoy.

She does let's-plays of games ranging from standard fare like Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and the Mario & Luigi RPGS to more standout and bizarre games like Huniepop and Barbie Wild Horse Rescue. Generally speaking, she has an affinity for JRPGs, point-and-click adventure games, and visual novels, but both her taste and content cover a variety of genres, and not all of her LPs are blind.

A big part of the joy of her videos is watching somebody who has spent their life playing video games fall in love with classics right in front of you; and the other half is Lucah's charming personality and silly, often immature sense of humor. She's a full-grown woman with the sense of humor of a middle schooler, and this paired with her frequent displays of childlike wonder on screen, as well her delightful commentary, makes her a joy to watch. Some might be turned off by her frequent cursing, but if it helps at all, she's pretty good at that, too.  

Lucahjin is funny, easy to watch in marathon sessions, and she leaves you in a good mood. Highly recommended.

Published May. 17th 2017

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