6 (More) YouTube Video Game Entertainers That Are More Than Just Reviewers


MetalJesusRocks is just a cool guy who loves video games. It's that simple. He's a lifelong gamer who loves to collect games of all types from a wide variety of systems. For the sake of his viewers, he shows off the best and most interesting games he can find within his massive, personal library.

He makes lists of the best hidden gems and general games on a number of systems, gives his input on how to shop for and take care of your retro game collection, and occasionally digs up a fascinating piece of gaming history. We have him to thank for publicly unearthing the working prototype of the Nintendo 64 Disk Drive, long thought to be lost to time. 

The best way to enjoy his channel is to just head there and start exploring. He's bound to cover your favorite console or genre at some point if he hasn't already. The man is like a librarian curator for electronic media, and he's got interesting and eclectic tastes.

Published May. 17th 2017

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