6 (More) YouTube Video Game Entertainers That Are More Than Just Reviewers

Fawful's Minion

You'd be hard-pressed to find a quality gaming content creator quite as odd, yet grounded, as Fawful's Minion.

He's a countdown maker who styles his persona after Fawful, the main antagonist of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. And fittingly so: he's just as bouncy and unpredictable as the maniacal green bean by which he's inspired.

Every one of Minion's videos is distinctively his own. While his chosen topics and style of editing may remind you of a number of different YouTubers, his writing and commentary most assuredly will not. Why? Because it's off the wall and going a mile a minute. He has such a distinct and often bizarre way of stringing sentences together that deciphering what he's exactly talking about often becomes part of the fun of his videos. He constantly makes references both broad and obscure, crafs similes more colorful than a tropical fruit bowl, and conjures new and inventive ways to swear.

If there's one thing that Fawful's Minion has in spades, it's heart. When he picks a topic, he really goes all in on it. He never half-asses anything.

In videos like his "Top Ten Generation 7 Pokemon", he bases his ranking on not just personal attachment, but on design, value in story, and use in the competitive meta. Instead of making a "Top Ten Kirby Copy Abilities" video, he made a "Top 30 Kirby Copy Abilities" video series.

He can get deep and sappy at times, but you can tell he means every word he says. If you want to see some of his best and most personal work, then check out his thoughts on the Mario & Luigi RPGs.

Fawful's Minion wears his heart on his sleeve and his shoes on his head. He's never afraid or apologetic for being himself. His taste in games might not suit everybody, but there's just something so unique and special about a man so unafraid of who he is. 

Fawful's Minion isn't quite like any of his contemporaries; he's got a cool style, an entertaining personality, and lots of love for video games.

Published May. 17th 2017

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