Mario Kart 8 Gets May Release

Get ready to rev up those engines! Mario Kart 8 gets release confirmation information.

Everyone knows that the Wii U is not selling well and there just aren’t enough first-party games for the system to prove the $300 price tag. Many of us Nintendo fans are waiting for the big name titles to release like Zelda or Metroid.

One of those AAA titles just got release timing confirmation.

Mario Kart 8, the next installment in the iconic franchise, will release this May according to Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata during a brief corporate meeting. Analyst David Gibson also revealed the news on twitter earlier today. He says,

It’s unclear what the exact release date is, but this also dispels the rumors that the game would release before March 31st.

This is a great bit of info for those looking for new experiences on their Wii U systems.  These kinds of moves are what will keep Nintendo in the console space and a realistic alternative to the other consoles out on the market.

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Published Jan. 29th 2014

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