Top Five Hypothetical Changes Riot Can Add to League of Legends

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League of Legends is by far one of the most talked about PC games in the gaming community I am part of. And when people start to talk, everyone comes up with ideas on what could be added to or removed from game that could make it better or just more exciting.

The ideas you are about to see are five things that I believe Riot could add or change in League of Legends that could give it a new appeal. (However, these ideas could be very far fetched for some.) Please make sure to get to the end for a chance to win some RP on the NA Server!

1. A Ranked ARAM Mode

So far, in the three years that I have been playing League of Legends, Summoners Rift Ranked Mode is my favorite game mode to play on. But when I get upset with that I tend to play an ARAM with a group of friends.

Every time I play with this group though, we always start getting into a conversation, started by me, about how Riot should add a Ranked ARAM mode into the game. Each team captain would be allowed to ban three champions like normal, and then the game automatically picks everyone a random champion to play with. However, this mode would require a full five group!

Possible addition to League of Legends or a replacement for Ranked Twisted Treeline?

2. Two Additional Dead End Pathways Added to ARAM Map

This is more than likely one of the worst possible ideas that could be added to the game. However, ARAM needs a minor change! A hypothetical change could be this: add two additional dead end pathways towards the center of the lane to turn the map into the shape of the letter "x". At the end of each dead end pathway, there would be a Rift Herald type of enemy that gives one player on the team a buff that takes away the original ARAM debuff of healing and allows for healing at the base.

Could be quite interesting!

3. A Twist to All-For-One Game Mode

If you haven't tried this mode out in League of Legends, I am sorry! All-For-One allows each team to have the same champion in the match while trying to figure out who is who! But the one thing that Riot could potentially do is allow each team to have 1 of the same person. So instead of the teams being 5 Luxes or 5 J IV's, let it be 1 Blitz on each team, 1 Jinx on each team and so on. That would be the ultimate mirrored kind of game for me. 

Would you try it?

4. Design Your Own Champion Contest

Yes I know I am very awkward and probably have the most messed up ideas for games. However, the best one of them all has to be a "Design Your Own Champion Contest". I have always talked about wanting to have the ability to pick a select champion from the game and combine the abilities from other champions to make one ultimate champion.

So imagine a Morgana with a Braum's Winter Bite as her Q, a Lulu's Whimsy as her W, a Morgana's Dark Binding as her E and a Lux's Ult for her ult! that would be a crazy game mode all on its own!

But whoever has the best champion idea could automatically win that champion and use them in only special game modes or bot matches. 

5. A Change to Custom Bot Matches

Don't get me wrong -- I love bot matches, because sometime they make me feel like I am a League of Legends god once in a while. But there are days where I hate the way it is set up!

Riot needs to add more customization to the bot matches to the point where I can not only select the champions I want to play with and against, as well as the difficulty level, but I want the option to pick what lane they have to go in. Having an option like that will allow newer players to learn the proper meta and play against the champions that they would normally play against in a real match!

And finally, if you happen to stayed this whole time to read all of my hypothetical changes or additions to League of Legends, you now have three more steps to take to enter for a chance to win $10.00 RP for the NA Server! I will be selecting two winners and the drawing will be on Friday May 20, 2016. 

In order to participate:

1. Comment on what idea from this list you like the best and if you have others, please let me know about it! (Whoever I think has the best idea from the comment section will automatically get $10.00 RP)

2. Follow me on GameSkinny.

3. Share the list. 

*Any negativity to others will automatically remove you from the contest. 

I will select the winners from the comment section, so let the games begin.

Published May. 2nd 2016

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