Kill Strain is out tomorrow on PS4

Kill Strain is being released tomorrow, here is everything you need to know.

Kill Strain will be released for PS4 tomorrow, July 19th. It's a new top-down, twin-stick competitive shooter from San Diego Studios, the makers of MLB The Show.

The basic idea of the game is that three teams, two teams of five and one team of two, fight for control of areas. The two teams of 5 play as human mercenaries, and the one team of 2 will play as the mutants. There are ten different and unique human characters and three different mutants. The mutants also have the ability to change humans into mutants once the mutants special meter has filled up. 

The game looks like a blast to play and will only be better when playing with friends online. If you have PS+, you will have access to the game right now! But for everyone else, it becomes available tomorrow. Kill Strain is a PlayStation exclusive title. 

Published Jul. 18th 2016

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