Microsoft Is Actively Trying To Stop Halo Online From Coming To The West

Microsoft tries to stop modders from bringing Halo Online to the west, but they continue to work.

News broke recently of a free to play Halo Online for PC coming to Russia. This quickly got many gamers quite aggravated that the game they have been asking for years to come to PC wasn't coming to the west. Microsoft had issued a DMCA notice to Github to remove files that allowed people to access to a tool called "ElDorito" which allows people to explore the world in Halo Online.

This isn't something that will not stop modders though. In an interview with TorrentFreak, modder Woovie explained what they are actively doing during this DMCA takedown process.

"In terms of DMCA/C&D mitigation, we have made redundant git backups on private and public git servers. This is to ensure we will always have one working copy."

As with most things on the internet, once it has been uploaded, it is almost impossible to completely remove it. Most people see this as an opportunity to bring the game to more people who wouldn't have the opportunity to play it otherwise.

I can understand that Microsoft doesn't want Halo Online to be available on PC as it would cut into sales of the Xbox One, but not everyone is willing to go out to purchase a console just for one game.

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Published Apr. 6th 2015
  • topher339
    Halo is a large part of why I buy Xbox. A free-to-play probably is not going to change that. If all it is is online multiplayer I very much doubt it would do much to cut into their Halo profits on the One. Many people get Halo for the story as much for the online. Personally the campaign is what i care for most. I think most console players would buy Halo for the One regardless of a free-to-play online. I'm sure they will eventual release it in the States. It' just a matter of time. Just like they changed the always-online and no game trading features, this too will be changed.
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    Sounds about right. They know their only chance to keep up with PS4 sales is in the US. They are determined to keep Halo exclusive to get more Xbox Sales. They won't be seeing a penny from me!

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