GameSkinny Update 5/9 - Weird Science

We're testing some things, so break out your lab coat and show us your very best evil laugh.



We're going to be running some tests over the weekend related to the way we display text here on GameSkinny. It's not intended to be a long-term change, we just have a burning need to check out the impact of removing some of the more fancypants fonts we're fond of.

Does it make the site load 28374 times faster?

Does it make dragons come climbing out of your USB port?

Does anyone even notice... or are we just a bunch of font loving hipsters?

We must know, and knowing is half the battle. In order to find out, we'll be running some tests on text display for a few days. This may mean that articles look a little different than usual, both on the reader side and in your writing area.

How to report a bug

If you find a bug whilst we're fooling around with our test tubes and typefaces, please use the green "Feedback" tab you see at right to report them.

How to share your opinion

If the changes make you happy, sad, or give you 'feels' of any other variety, please comment on this article to share how it makes you feel.

And be honest, this is for science.

Former Editor in Chief

Former Editor in Chief at GameSkinny. I am the Gray Fox. Questions, comments, feedback? Bring it. Amy.White (at)

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Published May. 9th 2014
  • Corey Kirk
    Featured Columnist
    I was going to make a joke about fonts and kerning, but I couldn't keep it dean.

  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    I see what you did there Corey, and I approve.
  • Capt. Eliza Creststeel
    Now, tell me - in your own words... how do you feel?


  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    You guys are the reason I need a like button for comments.
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    well make the devs add one clearly!
  • Clay
    Featured Contributor
    Wouldn't you prefer a +1?
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    FOR SCIENCE! (and snacks, because it's snack time...)
  • Elijah Beahm
    Featured Columnist
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    I vote font loving hipsters!

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