StarCraft 2 WCS ViBE vs Scarlett

Game two of the WCS America series, [ROOT] ViBE vs. Acer.Scarlett

In the second match of WCS America, we have [ROOT]ViBE vs. Acer.Scarlett. As both players are Zerg, we will see quite a lot of harassment throughout each match. 

The winner of this match goes on to play Oz in game three, for a chance to move up into the top 16. If not they may just be demoted into the Challenger League. The matches today will consist of three rounds, with the maps consisting of Bel'Shir Vestige, Neo Planet S, and Derelict Watcher. So let us begin our deathmatch of these top tier Zerg players! 

Game One, Bel'Shir Vestige!

Starting in the top left, we have Scarlett and at the bottom right, is ViBE. Each player starts early with Zerglings. After a quick scout, ViBE transitions straight into Banelings while Scarlett, with her large gas production, takes an approach of Roaches.

At 7:30 ViBE busts the wall of Evolution Chambers in front of Scarlett's natural with numerous Banelings to try and end the game, however Scarlett shrugs off the attack with a great defense and forces ViBE to run away with leftover Zerglings. 

With Scarlett pulling into the lead with her great defense and she continues to use defensive plays, making sure that ViBE cannot get back in. However, at 10:30 ViBE pushes with a small run-by to find an opening and sneaks his Zerglings into Scarlett's main base. With a second run-by of Zerglings into her natural, Scarlett shuts it down quickly. Scarlett takes the opportunity to march her Roaches into the front of ViBE's base and as ViBE takes notice, the GG is given, and Scarlett receives game one at 11:00. 

Game Two, Neo Planet S!

In the lower left spawns Scarlett, with her opponent ViBE in the top right. Both openings are exactly identical with a 15 pool and 2:30 natural expand, as is most common with Zerg players. 

Scarlett opens with a defensive wall infront of her natural, while ViBE uses an aggressive opening. Without much harassment however, ViBE goes for a very quick Spire for Mutalisks, while Scarlett invests into Roaches with a +1 upgrade to ranged attacks at the 7:00 minute mark. 

At 9:10 Scarlett pushes into ViBE's natural, but with a great defense and management he shuts down the Roaches with Mutalisks and Zerglings. Turning around for a quick counterattack, ViBE takes out the third base of Scarlett with his Mutalisks and Zerglings, then transitions out of the Mutas into a heavy amount of Roaches and Hydras. Scarlett herself, even transitions into Hydras and adds a few Infestors to accompany her army of Roaches and Queens.

With ViBE forcing Scarlett to do a two-base all-in due to her third base being taken down repeatedly, he forces Scarlett to hold out at her natural. At 15:50 they engage into a do-or-die moment and Scarlett is able to hold it off, even while on two bases. ViBE sends his units back in at 17:30 to continue to push farther into her natural and camps outside to contain Scarlett and starve her out of the resources she would get if she had a third base.

However, at 20:35, ViBE adds a large amount of spine crawlers to the camp out and concaves around Scarlett's army as she engages to try to clear it. With a successful defense she pulls off the engagement and starts to push out. Yet, with a large stream of units from ViBE to push Scarlett's army back she gives the GG to ViBE. Tying up the game at 1 - 1.

Game Three, Derelict Watcher

In map three we have Scarlett spawning in the lower left hand corner of the map and ViBE in the top right. 

In the early game, once again we see both players opening up similarly until ViBE decides to make a Baneling Nest. At around 6:20 He tries to morph two Banelings inside Scarlett's main base, but gets it shut down around 6:35 with a failed attempt.

With excellent scouting from a Changeling, Scarlett sees the all-in of Roaches, Zerglings, and Banelings that are heading towards her base. She defends her natural from the cheese attempts of ViBE, and counterattacks quickly with her Roaches at 10:30. 

With a turn of events, though, as Scarlett goes for ViBE's bases with Roaches, ViBE sneaks in a hefty amount of Zerglings at the same time into Scarlett's base and takes out her Lair as well as destroying a lot of her mineral line. With an even game (again) ViBE takes an approach of Swarm Hosts at 13:54. Scarlett in the meantime moves into Infestors and Swarm Hosts as well. 

At 18:40 Scarlett slowly pushes forward and holds out infront of ViBE's base to shut down any expansions. However, at 21:50 ViBE sneaks out 6 Infestors and leads them in a straight shot to Scarlett's base. With great vision in Scarlett's natural, ViBE grabs a Nydus Network at 22:30 to accompany the Infested Terrans for a Base Race. With his sneaky antics, ViBE builds a base directly in Scarlett's old natural and tries his best to hold out. 

Although he tries his best, ViBE gives the GG to Scarlett who moves onto the next round to face Oz.

Published Jul. 21st 2013

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