Undertale's soundtrack has an official jazz remix

Undertale fans now have even more to love about their favorite game - a jazz album.

Indie favorite Undertale just got a jazz remix of its official soundtrack, and it's available for download on Bandcamp. It will also soon be available at other online retail sites.

Remixed and performed by YouTuber insaneintherainmusic, the album is titled Live at Grillby's, and features album art by Dark Darren. Also featured is a guest appearance by Australian video game-themed jazz band The Consouls. 

While the album is fan-made, it has the approval and licensing of the game's creator, Toby Fox, making this an official release.

If the album isn't enough, you can also view videos of the songs' remixes on insaneintherainmusic's YouTube channel -- where he includes links to his sheet music so you can learn to play the remixes yourself.

Have you ever created a piece of art or music to celebrate your favorite game? How do you feel about monetizing fan-made art and music? What other sorts of remixes of the Undertale soundtrack would you like to hear? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Published Feb. 7th 2016

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