Monetization on Final Fantasy XIV Video Content Now Allowed

Monetization is now allowed on FFXIV video content, but the rules are strict.

YouTubers and streamers alike were less than happy with Square Enix's initial decision to bar monetizing Final Fantasy XIV video content. This was a confusing move considering how user-created videos and streams work as free advertisement -- something the game desperately needs since this is how they are advertising it in North America.

Square Enix doesn't have to be pants-on-head retarded all the time: the FFXIV community team have announced they are now allowing monetization on user-created content. You are free to have all the ads you want on your content, huzzah!

Well, sort of huzzah.

There are some stringent rules any and all potential streamers/YouTubers need to look at before recording some gameplay and putting dubstep over it. Absolutely be sure to read the Material Usage License Agreement before moving forward with monetization. Here is a quick rundown of what it says:

  • Videos and streams cannot be behind a paid membership paywall
  • No combining third-party content with FFXIV gameplay (This means no music but that which is in the game)
  • No offensive content of any kind

This is all an improvement over the previous lock on monetization, but the rules are tight and must be read by anyone considering monetizing on footage of the game. This is better than nothing, right?

It's nice that Square Enix have listened to the Final Fantasy XIV community on this issue, but some of the rules (particularly the barring of third-party music) are confusing and unnecessary. A couple steps forward and one step back.

Published Sep. 1st 2013
  • SexyGamer
    Featured Contributor
    This is kind of shocking but not surprising after the strict NDA!
  • Chai Chien Liang
    That's interesting, normally the music in-game becomes an issue for most videos (due to the music matching third-party content)..

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