Minecraft PC gets glider wings in latest snapshot update

Today's snapshot update adds brand new glider wings to get around with.

Minecraft has just been getting a load of updates lately, much to my and the community's delight at large. New features and bug fixes are making their way to the game almost biweekly now, and this week's big addition is especially exciting.

If you've ever wanted to glide around your favorite seed or add something a little more to a Survival server, today's update is for you. Today's the day we get glider wings!

The glider wings are called Elytra in-game. Elytra are found in the generated ships in the End and are equipped in the chestplate slot. They can be repaired with leather at an anvil.

Elytra add a whole new way to get around in Minecraft and are perhaps the most exciting addition to the game we've seen in a while. But that's not all we've gotten in today's update! 

Boats can now be made with all types of wood, and the way they're controlled has changed. You now must paddle manually using the A and D keys. I personally am not too excited for this change, but it's a nice addition for immersion.

The Elytra are the real star of today's update, and they're a treat. Mojang developer Jens Bergensten tweeted some clips of them in action (for those of you unable to play right now), that you can check out here and here. These are the best addition to Minecraft we've gotten in a while. Survival mode, anyone?

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Published Oct. 27th 2017

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