Square Enix Collective MMO Boundless Launches Today on PS4 and PC

The voxel-based sandbox MMO is ready to leave early access after four years.

Boundlessthe Minecraft meets No Man's Sky sandbox MMO developed by UK studio Wonderstruck is officially releasing on PS4 and PC today. After four years in Early Access, Boundless is ready to connect players of all regions and both platforms to play together. Boasting a single universe with several connected worlds, every aspect of the game is set to be created and decided by the community.

In Boundless, the worlds are procedurally generated, and one of the most exciting aspects is being able to open portals to travel between planets seamlessly. Each player begins on their own planet and can choose to colonize it alone or with a team of friends. Players can choose to be explorers, builders, crafters, hunters, traders, or builders, with the ability to shape the worlds around them.

Similar to No Man's Sky but with a little extra 'oomph', each world has its own array of different creatures, resources, and community -- depending on how far along the colonization of that planet is. You can grow Beacons into the capital of the world and have politics that dictate the rules of the world you're in. 

If the Minecraft influence isn't obvious enough from the trailer, it's safe to say that crafting is a huge part of the overall game. You can create giant structures, cities, and of course, portals to travel to other worlds. 

In response to the launch of Boundless, Director of Wonderstruck James Austin had this to say:

This launch is akin to the Big Bang in our eyes. In essence, we’re firing out the atoms to form a new universe that players will live, explore and create within, defining how it grows and changes with no input on our part. Players on PC and PS4 will be able to step from one world to the next - from one planet bustling with a packed, burgeoning metropolis to another, with a desolate, undeveloped landscape ripe for evolution. 

Boundless is available for download right now on both PS4 and PC for $39.99 or $59.99 for the Deluxe edition. 

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Published Sep. 11th 2018

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