Dark Souls: Remastered - Ember Locations Guide

To survive Dark Souls: Remastered, you'll need the best weapons and ascensions from the game's blacksmiths. To do that, you'll need to find embers. This guide shows you their locations.

You can only get so far with the base weapons found in Dark Souls: Remastered. After a while, you're going to need to ascend your normal, fire, divine, and magical weapons to take on tougher enemies and harder bosses. 

As you near the end-game -- or if you're playing PvP -- it's even more important to max out your weapons. You can do so by finding the game's 10 hidden embers. Each can be taken to a specific blacksmith so that they can ascend your weapons into more powerful versions of themselves. 

In this guide, I'll show you where to find each ember, which blacksmith you have to take it to in order to use it, and which weapons it modifies to which levels. 

Some are easier to find than others, and some require that you perform certain actions to unlock their locations. 

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Large Ember



Location: Depths
Blacksmith: Andre of Astora
Modifies: +5 Normal into +10 Normal; +5 Normal into +5 Raw

How to Get It: You can find this ember after you enter the kitchen in the Depths. Defeat the butcher here and look in the chest behind his original location. 

Very Large Ember


New Londo Ruins
Blacksmith: Andre of Astora
Modifies: +10 Normal into +15 Normal

How to Get It: After you drain the water from New Londo Ruins, you'll find this ember in a previously inaccessible area. However, I would suggest starting at the Valley of Drakes to get to it since that's the easier path.

In the Valley, go to the entrance of New Londo Ruins and follow the path up and to the right. Go past the Dark Wraiths in the hall, through the open area and to the right (past two more Dark Wraiths), and follow the path up two more staircases. 

Continue following the path around and turn left when it eventually splits. The ember will be in a chest sitting on a precipice. 

Crystal Ember



Location: The Duke's Archives
Blacksmith: Giant Blacksmith
Modifies: +10 Normal to +5 Crystal

How to Get It: Go to the Duke's Archives and the bonfire outside on the bottom floor. From that bonfire, go inside and take a right. Go through the room with the lever on the left side. As you enter the next room full of bookcases, turn right and go through the opening in the bookcases. The ember will be in a large chest.  

Large Flame Ember



Location: Demon Ruins
Blacksmith: Blacksmith Vamos

Modifies: +5 Fire into +10 Fire

How to Get It: Go toward the fog gate in the Demon Ruins. As you approach, go left and then turn left to look at the path below. Perform a plunging attack on the enemy below and follow the path. There are several very strong enemies here, but at the end of the path, you'll find a chest with the ember inside. 

Chaos Flame Ember



Location: Demon Ruins
Blacksmith: Blacksmith Vamos
Modifies: +5 Fire into +5 Chaos

How to Get It: Defeat Ceaseless Discharge. Go down into the now-open lava bed. There will be a chest there. Open it to nab this ascension tool. 

Large Magic Ember



Location: The Duke's Archives
Blacksmith: Rickert
Modifies: +5 Magic weapons into +10 Magic weapons

How to Get It: Defeat Seath the Scaleless. Return to the Duke's Archives where you first get killed by him. It will be in the large chest in the center of the room. 

Enchanted Ember



Location: Darkroot Garden
Blacksmith: Rickert
Modifies: +5 Magic into +5 Enchanted

How to Get It: This one's kind of a pain in the rear to get. From the bonfire in Darkroot Garden, go through Alvina's Tower. On the other side, go to the right and through the forest. You'll come to a small, watery area with several large Mushroom Men. Defeat them and open the chest in the water. 

Divine Ember


Darkroot Garden
Blacksmith: Andre of Astora
Modifies: +5 Normal into +5 Divine

How to Get It: Go to Darkroot Garden and defeat the Moonlight Butterfly. Afterward, continue across the bridge and head toward the tower. Climb to the top to find this ember clutched by a dead blacksmith. 

Large Divine Ember



Location: Tomb of the Giants
Blacksmith: Andre of Astora
Modifies: +5 Divine weapons into +10 Divine weapons

How to Get It: From the first bonfire in the Tomb of the Giants (near where you meet Patches), climb the ladder and go right. Continue until you come to the second stone structure. There will be a hole in the ground. Drop down into it. 

The room below will be filled with skeletons -- at least six. Defeat them to retrieve this one from the dead blacksmith at the back of the room. 

Dark Ember



Location: Painted World of Ariamis
Blacksmith: Andre of Astora
Modifies: +5 Divine into +5 Occult

How to Get It: From the central area in the Painted World of Ariamis, climb down the well to the left of the area. At the bottom, go left and strike the wall in front of you. Continue down the path and pick up the Annex Key from the corpse. 

Climb back out of the well and go to the right, across the central area. Once you're across the area, turn left under the structure, and open the wooden door using the Annex Key. Go up the stairs, across the ramparts, and down another set of stairs.

Search the dead blacksmith here after defeating the enemies.


Now that you know where to find all the embers in Dark Souls: Remastered, you can ascend all of your meager peasant's weapons into powerful merchants of death. 

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Published May. 7th 2019

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