Lost Odyssey Now on Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

Xbox One backwards compatibility comes to Lost Odyssey, but there's a catch.

An ancient classic has risen from the dust and ashes. Lost Odyssey, developed by Feelplus and Mistwalker, and published by Microsoft, is now available on backwards compatibility on Xbox One. 

It was published by Microsoft Game Studios in 2007 in Japan and 2008 in western countries later. Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg, head of Xbox marketing, announced the backwards compatible version on Twitter earlier this week:

There's a catch though -- you'll have to have a physical copy of the game in order to play it, as there's no digital option on the store.

Lost Odyssey is a Japanese turn-based RPG, praised in its time for a strong focus on story. Unfortunately the load times and formulaic gameplay held it back for many as well. 

The game wasn't a massive commercial success in western countries, so finding the game (instead of already owning it) will be a more difficult challenge.


Published Sep. 30th 2016

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