Guild Wars 2 Makes Its Way Into The Dragon Slayer Awards

In The Dragon Slayer Awards, Guild Wars 2 Has Been Nominated For The Most Passionate Fan Base.

Guild Launch is hosting its annual Dragon Slayer Awards. These awards are given out to the stars that outshine the rest in their respective categories. But, how do they get these awards? From wonderful voters such as yourself. You have the power in your hands when it comes to who comes out on top. So go and give your voice a reason to be heard and let your choice know that you want them to win! 

Let's bring you a category that shines bright with color.

The Most Passionate Fan Base

Guild Wars 2 just so happens to be a part of this years Dragon Slayer Awards, and needs your help to come out on top. They have been nominated for this category and with a wonderful community, it's no wonder that we see their name on this list.

ArenaNet (the developers of Guild Wars 2) has created a phenomenal game and it is us, the fans, who create the world. Being given the option to change the way the game stands is truly something extraordinary, and due to these options, it allows the players to vote and affect how things turn out for the future of the game. With this type of driving power, it gives more passion to the fans as what they say and do causes an outcome that change the future of the game.

How Is The Interaction In-Game?

In this world, you are never truly alone. With a shared arena type game, everywhere you go has someone who can help you take out the next threat. If you encounter a boss, within minutes you will see a community of players racing towards the area to initiate a large scale battle to help. 

In WvW (World versus World), players from around the world are pit against each other in a large and unending king of the hill style war. Players besiege keeps and towers with siege weapons and fight for resources, all in order to win rewards and bonuses for their world and for themselves.This type of interaction allows the gamers from different servers to show off their skills as the fight to hold their ground.

With what ArenaNet has done, it will forever drive their fans to continue having fun. Causing competition and friendship to happen all over the world. 

So get on over to the Dragon Slayer Awards, and vote for Guild Wars 2. This process will continue til September 2nd, so spread the word for your favorite game to win!

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Published Aug. 5th 2013

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