Star Wars Battlefront is perfectly playable...if you have a lot of friends

Battlefront is meant for people who love multiplayer and enjoy playing with other people.

Star Wars Battlefront is the perfect game for people with a lot of friends.  I say this from experience. I've played this game and found that without a good amount of friends the game can get really old fast. 

Battlefront is designed in such a way that every game mode is maximized for group play. The game features a really awesome function that allows for a player to select a "Partner" from their party. Whenever you enter a game and die, you are given the option to re-spawn right next to this designated partner.


This game is not for players who have friends, but prefer to game alone (such as myself). Battlefront gets to be very boring when playing by yourself. I say this because the game doesn't have that much going on outside of group play. You can either play multiplayer, or play a game that is meant for two people -- even the cut-scenes feature two characters.


The focus on multiplayer isn't necessarily a bad thing, but when you look at the game from the viewpoint of a solo player, the game seems to discourage you due to the single player game modes all having options and game-play that focus on teamwork.

Whenever a player enters the Missions area of the game, the player is given quite a few options. These options include:

  • Training missions: very short with specific training objectives
  • Battle missions: standard kill confirmed game which is a fairly common game mode for a multiplayer game though not necessarily a single person game
  • Survival mode: optimized for two people to play

When playing these modes by myself, it began to become apparent how much the creators were hoping for players to bring a friend. Even the weapons are meant to easily complement another weapon. Seeing as how each player can only have one gun, it is easy to assume that a player with a high-damage but slow gun should pair with a player that has a fast but low-damage gun. It is fairly difficult to win any of the survival matches without having to run away every time a decently powerful enemy shows up, mainly due to the cool-down time of a weapon or the lack of damage one can do to an enemy vehicle. 

The game also features the much loved Hero mode. This game mode has always been one of my favorites ever since the first Battlefront. It's where every player chooses their favorite hero and battles it out against the other team's top heroes. This has been Battlefront's best way to get players to truly want to go all out against each other. This game mode has been infamous for starting great rivalries in friends when two heroes collide, but this version of Battlefront took an interesting spin on this fan favorite: the only heroes on the battlefield can only be other players. The lack of C.P.U. enemy heroes creates a sense of overwhelming power for a player which does get old fairly quickly.

The game-play is awesome and the functions are spot on. This game is not for the "Lone Wolf" type player who is just looking for a great Star Wars game. I would, however, recommend this game to anyone who strongly enjoys the Star Wars franchise. If you want me to review a game, feel free to leave the title of the game in the comments section.


I am a gamer who enjoys playing just about every form of game. I am a huge nerd who occasionally enjoys playing sports.

Published Apr. 7th 2016
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    Battlefront was always playable, it's not a broken game. It's just got nothing... It's flashy, and in your face, and sounds like a dream -- one which is true.

    Visually stunning, and the audio is amazing. It's just so shallow, a 1mm tall bug wouldn't even have 1 of it's legs submerged.

    Cooldown systems are most of the reasons I don't get along with MMOs. Ok, so yes some like them, but... This is important. You have to level up to GET A GRENADE. The thing that all games give you, it's not innovative to change that at all, it's just weird and an arbitrary grind.

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