Wild Pokemon Go Cosplayers Appear

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Pokemon Go has swept the world. The augmented mobile game revolves around players being able to catch Pokemon in the real world. Players can customize their Trainers however they want them to look, often matching their team colors.

These character and customization options, along with the sheer popularity of Pokemon GoI, has led cosplayers to break out their sewing machines, fire up their glue guns, and let their creativity flow as they bust out some amazing costumes and cosplays. 

Pokemon Trainer

Ginny Di 

Ginny has created an exceptional Pokemon Trainer cosplay. It was so popular, that the commission requests started flooding in. Unable to fulfill them all, she created a tutorial on how to make your very own Trainer cosplay, with a materials list and all. I strongly recommend checking it out if you are looking to make a costume of your own. 

Pokemon Trainer


Another Trainer cosplay, this time brought to you by Hachikocats. Super adorable, she shows us more of the customization options granted to trainers when creating their character. Holding a Poke Ball, ready and waiting for her next encounter, Hachikocats is surely a mighty trainer. 

Pokemon Trainer

Lyz Brickley

Cosplayer Lyz Brickley brings us a smashing Pokemon Trainer cosplay. Searching for her next Pokemon in the tall grass, she shows off a red (Valor-themed?) costume. Ensuring the best grip on her Poke Ball, fingerless gloves bring unique style to her trainer. 

Spark (Team Instinct Leader)


Switching gears, NipahCos has brought to life Spark, Team Instinct's Leader. Clad in black and yellow, he holds a Pokemon egg lovingly. Great job NipahCos -- your Spark is just electrifying. 

Candela (Team Valor Leader)


Another Team Leader cosplay is brought to us by Kitteacats. Choosing to bring to life Candela, the leader of Team Valor, she is simply stunning in the Moltres-adorned red and white jacket. Replicating Candela's pose, Kitteacats is burning hot. 

Pokemon Trainer

Yaya Han

Last, but certainly not least, Yaya Han has also brought to life her Pokemon Trainer. The Queen of Cosplay strutted her stuff at various events in this maroon and black outfit, complete with purple trim. Even posing to catch Pokemon cosplayers, her love for the game really shines through.

Have you cosplayed your trainer yet? Are you thinking about it? What other awesome Pokemon Go cosplays have you seen? Let us know in the comments!

Published Aug. 7th 2016

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