Street Fighter 5 Designed To Be More Accessible

Capcom wants the new Street Fighter to be more approachable for newer gamers.

My experiences with Street Fighter games have never been very pleasant. Looking at it from a pure game design standpoint, it is undeniably one of the most balanced, skill-based fighters ever made, but it takes an immense amount of dedication to become ever marginally good.

I have always played against people who live and breath the franchise, so I get my ass handed to me a fair amount. It's one of those fighting games in which novices can't really rely on button-mashing and luck to win. 

That's why the news that Street Fighter 5 is changing its gameplay to become more appealing to a "newer, younger" audience is a breath of fresh air to players like me. 

In a statement, Capcom had this to say about the new direction of the franchise.

"We really hope that Street Fighter V can bring in a newer, younger audience... Previous Street Fighter games could feel a bit prohibitive, so it's very much at the forefront of our minds to make Street Fighter V more approachable and accessible." 

In the statement they also said how they are refocusing the franchise, and trying to avoid any confusion, so don't expect to see any random iterations like "Super Ultra Street Fighter 5".


Published Nov. 14th 2015

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