Blood-Pumping 200cc Races are Headed for Mario Kart 8

Nintendo releases the new 200cc mode for racers on Mario Kart 8

Nintendo is straight up out of their minds. No seriously, as if finishing 4th every time in the 150cc races of Mario Kart 8 was not already frustrating enough, they have added a new 200cc mode, and it is FAST. Like, insanely fast.

The new 200cc races compared to the others seem like pure chaos, but are way too much fun to miss out on. A video from Nintendo UK compared the speeds of the fastest race now, the 150cc, to the 200cc. The 200cc straight up smokes 150cc, completing one and a half laps before the 150cc could even complete one.

If you possess the same amount of adrenaline that Nintendo has in their veins, then get ready to step on the pedal because every need for speed junkie will be receiving the 200cc races as a free update for Mario Kart 8. This update will be released on April 23rd and an additional DLC package is also planned for the same date.

Now getting hit by a blue shell while in first place will make for an even more impossible comeback.


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Published Feb. 25th 2020
  • Neil Strebig
    Pretty hype about this new 200cc game mode, should be a ton of fun.
  • Victor Ren
    Yeah the cpu's are gonna be ridiculous though

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