10 Images That Demonstrate The Insurmountable Differences Between Pokemon Go Teams

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Are you Team Instinct, Mystic, or Valor? A simple question, but one that can have unintended consequences on friendships, relationships, and even job prospects for Pokemon Go players.

I kid (mostly), but no one versed in internet memes can deny that Pokemon teams are serious business. When they aren't out staking their claim to gyms, Pokemon Go trainers can often be found promoting their chosen team on the internet and railing against their opponents.

Already stereotypes have been constructed for each team -- Mystic is a bunch of nerds, Valor cares too much, and Instinct is a group of Hufflepuffs --and the memery generated by the rivalry has been glorious to behold. Whether you're an intellectual Mystic, happy-go-lucky Instinct, or adrenaline-fueled Valor, we can all agree on one thing: Pokemon Go trash-talk is a hilarious thing. Keep on with the entertaining content, internet!



P.S. Go Team Mystic.


The stereotypes condensed into lovely and very accurate run-on sentences.


Or you could divide the teams by Pokemon character. Also very accurate. Ash would definitely drive his car into Old Navy, and Brock would totally work at Walgreens. 


Even comedy preferences are dictated by one's team. 

Basically Team Valor members are the angry ones who want to destroy everything and assert their dominance on everyone. 


Team Valor also never sleeps because they care a bit too much. 

Heck, Team Valor even put up recruiting flyers in my neighborhood. True story.

Team Instinct seems to be the least popular team, at least according to this Kotaku survey. Finding Dory illustrates this in a beautiful way. Poor Gerald.


In revenge, Team Instinct likes to assert themselves as the least immature of Pokemon teams, more likely to attract older, highly-educated members. 

But in reality Instinct just likes to watch Mystic and Valor fight each other and act like they're so tough. 


But will Team Instinct eventually get tired of the sidelines and rise up quickly and quietly to world domination? Time will tell. 

So, which team did you choose, trainers? Do you have any other fun memes that demonstrate the difference between Mystic, Valor, and Instinct? Let us know in the comments below! 

Published Jul. 17th 2016



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