League of Legends Team Siren Disbands: Valuable Lessons Learned

Team Siren teaches us valuable lessons about the rise to eSports fame!

Team Siren, the infamous all-female League of Legends team with aspirations of making it to the top of the professional gaming world, was recently confirmed to have disbanded after having only lived together for less than a month.

The team was comprised of five of some of the top-ranked (Platinum & Diamond level) Solo Queue women on the North American server: A Little Jenny (Mid), Christina (AD Carry), ilysuiteheart (Jungle), Solvanas (Support), and Yoonie (Top). These ladies had all played together for 5 months prior to moving into their gaming house, and were by no means unfamiliar with the League of Legends scene. With a desire to "empower women" in the world of eSports, the team was strongly determined and committed to winning. So, what exactly went wrong? 

What Went Wrong 

The Promotional Video

Team Siren rose to infamy after the release of their promotional video on their official Youtube channel which introduced the players of the team. They were instantly put into the spotlight, but there were some major flaws that were clearly overlooked before the video was released to the worldwide public: the message.

Team Siren was essentially trying to prove that an all-female League of Legends team could compete on the same level, as "equals," as any all-male team in the professional gaming world. While this idea could have been intended to serve as a positive image for other females wishing to break into the eSport scene, the execution of Team Siren was poorly delivered and has tarnished the image any prospective all-female teams can expect to receive in the future.

The promo video did not show any of the achievements these "high-ranking" players had accomplished thus far; yet, this new and inexperienced team (which only sat together at a Gold Division I ranking...far from the Challenger division of the professionals) were already proclaiming their right to victory with their now infamous quotes, "Losing is not an option. I'll bait you and outsmart you." The video became negative publicity for the team right from their very start and created an outlet for ridicule by followers on their streams.


According to a post made by Christina in the League of Legends forum, there was more to Team Siren's disband than just simply "bad publicity" from the promotional video:

"Team Siren disbanned, not because of the bad publicity, but because of how negative Jenny was towards the team. I actually left before the video got released. I left because Jenny was a very toxic and terrible friend/leader. A lot of things were hidden under the surface. Whenever a bad match ended she told us to mute all our streams so she can bash on every little mistake when she did not acknowledge hers. Her calls were terrible most of the time and would not let anyone try to make calls. She pretty much tried to replace everyone on the team at one point. It was hard living under the same roof as someone that hates you."

The team's leader, A Little Jenny, created a negative environment for the team with her poor attitude. Considering League of Legends is a game that requires great communication and teamwork, a negative attitude (especially from your leader) can bring down the entire team.

But, that's not to say the entire team was any better. Team Siren's leader was certainly not the only one who displayed unprofessional behavior as witnessed in a team match between Team Siren and Team OmgRankedFives, featuring Challengers HotshotGG and WildTurtle:

Team Siren literally trash-talked the opposing team during the entire match with what could technically be considered harassment (and still lost). For a team that aimed to become professional, the lack of maturity and unprofessional behavior within the in-game chat alone shows that this team lacked more than just skill to make it to the top.

What Have We Learned

It's Not About Gender, It's About Skill

When it comes to professional gaming, nobody really cares about whether you're male or female. It's about skill--and you need a lot of it if you wish to compete at a professional level, not just sex appeal. By creating an all-female team, the priority of getting women to be seen as equals in a male-dominated world was contradicted from the very start and further distanced their sense of equality. Instead of being seen as equals, the team was simply trying to prove that they could beat all-male teams and essentially be better than them by virtue of being female, but proving your worth is not the same as proving your skill.

The main issue was NOT just creating an all-female team, it was the emphasis of gender alone as the main factor in driving the fame of this team forward and the attitude along with this physical factor. In being female (and disregarding actual talent), Team Siren felt entitled in taking on the professional world of gaming without actually having to work their way up from the bottom like every other professional team. Just because you are female does not give you the right to automatically be allowed to compete amongst professionals that severely outrank you and have worked hard to get to the position that they stand.

Personally, I would much rather see girls playing alongside guys as teammates rather than against one another because this truly shows me that male and female pro gamers can play together at the same level, as equals. Let the skills do all the talking.

How We Can Respect One Another

Team Siren may be gone, but female LoL players and aspiring professionals should not give up in making it to the big leagues if they so desire. But, females need to feel more comfortable in the gaming world, and that all starts with one word: respect

Ladies! Serious female players should take the game seriously, and by that, I mean that streams should be professional at all times! It's hard to take a female gamer's stream seriously when the webcam's primary focus is on your revealing chest and not your face (or even your gameplay for that matter). As much as you may want to attract guys with your sex appeal, you will not be taken seriously as a professional gamer if you don't fix this little mistake first. No boobs, no ditzy behavior, and no bitchy attitude. You need to be intelligent and informative about the game because that's a lot more enjoyable to watch. You are only going to be a target of harassment in your stream's chatbox if you aren't acting professional on purpose.

Guys! You need to respect these females gamers who wish to stream! This means no sexual harassment, no misogynist jokes (keep your "kitchen" jokes to yourself), no insulting comments about physical appearance or anything that you wouldn't say to your grandmother, sister, girlfriend, or close female acquaintance for that matter. It's immature and downright rude, and, unless you are a diamond-tier or professional player, you have no right to judge any player on their skills during their streams (regardless of gender).

It's unfortunate that Team Siren couldn't better represent female gamers during their debut, but the world of professional gaming has certainly learned a lot from them during their short-lived rise to fame. Making mistakes is the first part of learning. Team Siren should have built more credibility and experience together as a team before rushing to make it big, but unfortunately their dreams and arrogance got the better of them. I hope we can someday see female players make it to the LCS.. but alongside their male counterparts as teammates and friends.

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Published Jun. 26th 2013
  • Room_8544
    ''No boobs, no ditzy behavior, and no bitchy attitude. You need to be intelligent and informative about the game because that's a lot more enjoyable to watch. You are only going to be a target of harassment in your stream's chatbox if you aren't acting professional on purpose.''

    This is literally absolutely fucking bullshit. There are so many male streamers out there that do not act professional on purpose and are not constantly 'intelligent and informative' about the game. Why does this article say that /all female streamers/ need to be professional and boring? People that are fucking around and trolling also get a lot of viewers (tyler1) why is that okay for guys but not for girls? If you're so set on making sure men and women are on equal footing, that argument sucks.
  • Hazzini
    YEAM8 is some seriously myopic cunt.
  • Mike_5339
    Nice article, for the most part. Thanks for recognizing that people don't care about gender, that we are more concerned with skill and showmanship. The part you stated about respecting women seems misplaced with that recognition, though. There will always be trolls. Please stop letting them be the basis gamers are judged by.
  • YEAM8
    Half decent article. I'm not implying that I could do better, but you could.

    The whole segment about trashtalking should be discarded, especially with the idea that if the sirens had won it would've somehow been okay in your opinion, which clearly is false. Also you don't seem to understand trashtalking, its time to for you to study up.

    Then the bit about respect, you are imposing your own scale of values unto your readers, or whoever you meant this article for. Please, have a little respect for me as a reader.

    What you are saying is contradictionary, "its all about skill" therefore "put away your boobs". If it's about skill, then it shouldn't matter if the player was snorting coke off a male prostitute's dick. No bitchy attitude? Again, this is your own value, has nothing to do with being a professional, as a quick search on a google would have taught you. And if its about skill, then you know how this sentence ends.

    You want me to respect female gamers, ergo not respect male gamers. Crazy notion to me. I would've been onboard had you just said something like "Respect gamers, regardless of their gender". Not that I'd respect anyone based on them being a gamer but at least you wouldn't be saying crazy shit.

    And if you give voice to everyone, then they just might voice their opinions no matter what it is. Welcome to the internets, I hope you enjoy your stay. The harassment that anyone e-famous gets is a completely different topic that you might want to focus on separately. Probably good idea to talk about both genders there.

    "unless you are a diamond-tier or professional player, you have no right to judge any player on their skills during their streams". Now I recommend you to study up on psychology, just to get a basic grasp on few things. I'll help you get started with this thing here,


    Please understand that this is not an attack. I am commenting because you have lot of good points, but they can get overshadowed by your lack of knowledge on the other things you bring up.

    I wish the best for you.
  • Romtron
    More like autistic females overpowered by gaming money.
    Fucking plebs.
  • Magika_8785
    baited and outsmarted
  • Dewey_3320
    Amazing well written and thought provoking
  • Cerbereth
    I don't think there will ever be a successful all girl professional league of legends team. 90% of the league of legends player base is male. Of the millions of guys that play the game you have to cherry pick 5 of the best to make a professional team. Of the 10% there might eventually be one girl/woman good enough to earn a spot on a professional team with 4 male teammates. It is simple math. Champions are outliers, and the more data points you have the more outliers you get. Men currently enjoy a 9 to 1 advantage in data points as far as league is concerned and they will probably keep it.

    I'm surprised some people defended the comments the Siren players were making against hotshotgg and friends. While the enemy team didn't respond negatively to the comments you can tell they weren't expecting it. Hotshotgg obviously took at least a few of the comments personally as he starts upping his twitch play towards the end of the match. Oddone notices and asks hotshot why as I think they were trying to make the game less one sided and hotshot tells him in the background that their comments are the reason. Turtle even built two spirit items to try and make it more even. There were definitely some things going on in that match that we all didn't get to hear.
  • lol_4441
    they were a suck team anyways and we all know women cant get along with each other for two long yet alone 5 of them.
  • Jericho790
    Hey. Love your article. I didn't really know much about team Siren so it was neat to get such a balanced view.

    Good job!
  • Sam_3421
    I disagree with some points in this article. I think the hate stemmed MOSTLY from the LoL community's distaste and misogyny towards women. They have many skewed ideologies and are just plain sexist. They took this video as an opportunity to amplify their hatred.

    I do think the video was premature and boasting too much without actual proof of skill and such, but I don't think they over-emphasized their gender. They simply wanted to document their journey to pro (although, a difficult journey).

    They did have many resources most other teams, especially female teams, do not have.

    Lastly, the "trash talking" Jenny was doing in that game was out of sarcasm, which was obvious. TSM and CLG trash talk during their games. It's simply joking.

    Furthermore, I anticipate the next all-female legit pro team. I would truly love to see that someday.
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    If Yoonie is who I'm thinking she is, I actually played Tera with her. But I have no way of confirming that, as the one from Tera quit to return to League. All I remember is she had a Lancer and a Mystic and was a part of Asylum for a month or so.
  • Ba77osai
    Hafu is really OP... Its the only female player in high rank that I can watch on twitch because of her skill and mechanics. Most of the other Female streamers are like Silver/Gold and not even worth to waste time to watch because the just talk about random tresh and not about the game. ( I dont want to say that there is no good female player there, I just want to point out that most of the girls that stream on twitch are really bad and just trying to get viewers with there "cute" way or whatever...)

    Please hafu, stay the way you are and good luck at your SoloQ games! :)
  • Kaitlin Silver
    Featured Contributor
    I love watching Hafu's stream for the same reasons! She has a great personality, and she's really enjoyable to watch!
  • Kieran_2350
  • Clay
    Featured Contributor
    I'm shocked it only lasted a month considering all the resources to get a gaming house going. Even if they weren't as skilled, you would think they would at least have a few months to try and develop.
  • JediSange
    Featured Contributor
    The issue with Team Siren was that they were bad, plain and simple. Firstly, they weren't that highly ranked . Not all of them were good individually. Beyond that, several of those "high ranked" members got carried there (citation needed, too lazy). And if I, as a male, call them out on that. Guess what? I'm sexist.


    But the reality is this is the farthest thing from empowering women. "Hey guys, let's get together and make a really bad team and try to make stream revenue on it." Instead of trying to get better and focusing on that, they made themselves into a marketing gimmick.

    Beyond that, why would you ever want to play in an all women team? Not only is that not empowering, but it's just swinging the pendulum the *other* way. You should want to play on a team of the BEST players, regardless of gender. And if you are one of those people, worked hard for it, and happen to be female -- then that's awesome.
  • Wokendreamer
    Featured Columnist
    I can appreciate some of the difficulties Team Siren made others aware of regarding the concept of female professional players.

    At the very least, with the number of teams living together in gaming houses, it can definitely be a very uncomfortable or at least awkward environment for a woman to try and join. While I have every confidence that many teams would be professional in their behavior about such things, I am equally confident there would be many teams (likely a few that would surprise us, in fact) that would make the environment very unhealthy for a female gamer. Some of these teams probably would not even do it intentionally, they just wouldn't realize how uncomfortable much of what is taken for granted in a house full of guys as being specific to a house full of guys.

    I cannot say I am sorry to see Team Siren go, but I hope another team built on the game itself rises to show everyone how Team Siren should have been.
  • Xak1_7654
    Well said.
  • AC_2794
    hafu OP
  • Kaitlin Silver
    Featured Contributor
    :) I agree!

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